Thursday, 26 March 2015 12:08

MPC Statement Highlights

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The last month MPC Statements important points are:

  • Committee has targeted 2% Inflation rate, 7% unemployment rate
  • Committee continues Asset Purchase Facility at $375 billion Pound
  • Unemployment rate in December read 7.3% lower than prior 7.6% in November, which is above 7% target level.
  • CPI in December read 2.1% lower than prior 2.2% in November, which is above 2% target level.
  • CAD has been doubled over past 2 years and could have been around 3.5% of GDP in Q3.
  • Committee decided not to lower interest rate below 0.5% in order to reduce its stock of assets purchase till unemployment rate goes below 7%.


  • Inflation rate is near to target level at 2% and Unemployment rate is above target level at 7%.
  • As BOE has already decided not to go for tapering till unemployment rate is below 7%, so we expect stand still in todays meeting.
  • We expect that MPC may start reducing asset purchase by mid of 2014, which will help GBP in long run.


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